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Frank Zappa "Video 22" appearances This is an interview conducted by a local Baltimore TV host, Video Taping Krampf. It was never aired and the footage was to be destroyed, because Frank would not Video Taping Krampf any release papers for things talked about, some of which made the producers frightened.

The raw footage was Kompressen nach der Operation Krampfadern out of the station and entrusted to me.

I believe the time is right to unleash it. Frank Zappa—Baltimore Interview, August Most videos are unrelated to FZ maybe theme related. Interview is very interesting, very european. FZ talks about classical music, nuclear war, how business will prevent wars at least in his opiniondistribution deal with EMI, lawsuits against Warner and CBS, supposedly hatred in the rest of the world vs.

Hosted by Cynthia Allison and Steve Edwards. Hollywood Closeup August 24, Video Taping Krampf, FZ and Kandy Stroud debate live about Porn Rock, with an introductory report which Video Taping Krampf comments by Smokey Robinson, and later an interview with Dr.

Coalition on TV Violence"psychiatrist, Video Taping Krampf. It was supposed to be a one-hour taped debate in front of a live audience which happened to include Stroud's young children, listening raptly as Mom recited the Video Taping Krampf litany of "oral sex at gunpoint," etc.

Zappa Interview on censorship— SaveTheVault 0: Investigation into pornographic rock lyrics night and day September 12, CBS. Hosted by Ted Koppel. FZ's testimony with comments and questions by Sen. James Exon D-NebraskaSen. Slade Gorton R-WashingtonVideo Taping Krampf. Hollings D-South Carolina and Sen. Hearings on rock lyrics. FZ appears for 33 min.

There are 4 hours, 6 minutes of hearings available. Record Lyric Labeling—Part 1 Outrage Over Racy Music Video Taping Krampf Actually, it was Sally Nevius. FZ as keynote speacher on the "New Music Seminar" talks about censorship and the Senate hearingswith excerpts from them. FZ Public Service Announcementes He shows footage from the senate hearings and comments them, including some Synclavier music to acompany the images.

There are also some short snippets dated on October 24, Video Taping Krampf,which may or may not have been aired together with this special program available on the Night Flight channel on YouTube. Radio was a thirty-minute program during primetime that ran on weekdays on USA network. A lot of the things seen on Night Flight were also shown Haarentfernung ist es möglich, zu tun, wenn Sie Krampfadern Radio like music videos and musician interviews.

The program ran somewhere in the to time frame and was hosted by Lisa Robinson and Kathryn Kinley. The show also had musical guests help host the show and in August ofVideo Taping Krampf, Paul Stanley of KISS fame, was a co-host for an entire week. Kennedy School forum on rating lyrics. Woman speaks on a Senate hearing on the Parent Music Resource Center proposal, Video Taping Krampf, which says the record companies have a responsibility to identify recordings with explicit lyrics, and have the option to print the lyrics on the album covers.

He argues against the Senate hearing, especially advocating for the rights of those who wrote the lyrics. He recounts the Senate hearing. Throughout his comments, he pokes fun at those involved. It replaced a pair of earlier news programs: The Reporters and Evening Compass Frank Zappa on rating rock lyrics Broadcast from Frank's basement.

He introduces videos for a battle-of-the-bands type contest. Every once in a while they do a little Nicolas Slonimsky birthday celebration here in Los Angeles, Video Taping Krampf. Composers contribute little compositions as birthday gifts. I've done two of those. I'm reasonably familiar with his books, and on one occasion, when he came over here, we videotaped him, and I asked him to explain the theory behind the chords in that book of scales that most people are familiar with.

Hosted by Roberta Weintraub. Frank seems very pissed here, and one of the women seems to constantly give Frank an ugly look. Frank is censored out for discussing Prince wanting to sing a song about someone "jerking off" with a magazine. Frank's super reads "Frank Zappa—National Treasurer. I have a vhs copy of this show taped when it aired. School Beat, January 5, Video Taping Krampf, —Part 1 Daniel Richler interviews FZ and his children.

Moon talks about her childhood drawings and Dweezil plays his green guitar. Frank Zappa—Playboy Interviews It's a popular American television show and I played a villain on the show and I was in Miami at the time that he was here.

So I heard that the concert was really great and I would like to get a chance to work with him again, especially in live situation. Someone sets up Crockett while he and Tubbs work with a govt agent to set up a reclusive drug dealer played by FZ. Incorrect sources list the air date as March 13, I remember seeing the last bit of this episode, I think it was the only one I ever did see.

I was flipping channels and there was Frank, playing some drug lord-type. All I remember is that at the end, he was forced to jump from a boat into the water they couldn't arrest him for some reason. I think he went in holding his nose. He didn't do that great a job of acting, but then, neither did Don Johnson. I have a copy of it.

Roberto Duran the Video Taping Krampf plays a guy that blows his head off Video Taping Krampf the first scene. Zappa talks about coke as "weasel dust" and jumps off a boat Krampfadern der Beine Innen his nose. At a press conference in Prague, Frank said the producers of the show offered him the part Video Taping Krampf he initially turned them down didn't say why.

But then Dweezilwho was a big fan of the show at the time—it's OK, he was still pretty young—was really disappointed that Frank turned it down, Video Taping Krampf Frank called back and accepted the part.

Miami Vice was shown here in Germany on tv, too. Here all non-german films were aired with new german dialog, so everyone Fuß Gele Varizen able to understand the action. Foreign films in mono are sometimes available with the original language, too. You can switch between the languages. Video Taping Krampf found the german translation of "weasel dust" very funny, "Wieselstaub" because I think this expression sounds very "Zappa" to me, and they made a word by word translation of this.

On [March 18, ], the Maryland State Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a bill proposed by delegate Judith Toth to modify the existing state pornography statute so as to include records, tapes and CDs. The bill had already been passed [on February 14, ,] by the Maryland House of Delegates, and a Senate vote in favor would have placed it into law in Maryland, creating a dangerous national precedent.

I Video Taping Krampf to combine parts of my testimony with the actual statements made by Ms. Toth and Delegate Owens in a way Varikosis Behandlung mage 30 would dramatize the issue, and included this in a one-hour show called Video from Hell.

The show [ Video From Hell ] ends with me talking over the credits, in an interview with a Maryland TV station, giving the final chapter to this silly story [the Maryland State Senate Hearings ]. Frank Zappa interview around FZ's Crossfire appearance is tough to out-do. He provided a little more substance than [Jon] Stewart [on his October 15, appearance], and obviously his "kiss my ass" comment was beautiful. Anybody know if a video of this exists anywhere?

Zappa, Frank; Davis, Dorothy. Frank Zappa—Censorship, wanting to be introduced as a national treasure, testifying on censorship committee trying to censor explicit lyrics on records, Video Taping Krampf, PMRC. Unless someone passes a bill in congress, declaring Zappa's recordings a "national treasure". FZ actually referred to himself as a national treasure once. It was on the Late Show with Johnny Carson, though, so he Video Taping Krampf have been kidding. Hosted by Joan Lunden.

Frank Zappa—Various Television Interviews, 's min. Appears in ET obituary December 6, FZ talks about video fundamentalists. Frank Zappa at his Zenith, Joan Rivers was guest Video Taping Krampf, and during her monologue she made some lame jokes about the names Dweezil and Moon Unit.

When he finally came on, the first thing he did was chastise her for making fun of his children's names—basically that it's rude, and that she should consider their feelings. Don't remember much more than that, Video Taping Krampf.

Video Taping Krampf

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